How long is your shipping time?

This depends on where you are located. The shipping time to US is about 7-15 working days and to other areas is about 15-20 working days.

Please note that items ordered together may not be shipped out on the same day, and occasionally items may be temporarily out of stock or backordered. Rest assured, any shipping delays will be communicated.

Please expect to wait up to 60 days for countries like Brazil with a slower postal system.

Please also be aware that the postage time does not include handling and processing prior shipment.

*Based off previous orders and postal office estimations.

Where is my order now?

All orders are processed and shipped out within 24-72hours Monday through Friday. All shipping times are estimates provided to us by our shipping partners. Weather or missed delivery attempts can often be a factor in delayed shipments. The shipments can often be delayed due to high variance with each country’s customs processing. To track your package, just find your shipping confirmation email from us and click Track Package. If you choose Route Package Protection during checkout then find the shipping email from Route to see your upgrading tracking abilities.

To track your order, please go to


Enter your tracking number and you can track your order.

What’s my tracking number?

After shipping out, customers will receive a shipping confirmation e-mail with tracking number included.

Can I cancel my order?

Orders are processed and sent to our fulfillment center within 30 minutes of the order being completed. We can cancel an order at no charge if we are notified within 20 minutes of your order being placed. Please email us for immediate assistant. Orders cannot be cancelled after this 15 minutes window. Preorders and special orders cannot be cancelled as the funds have already been sent to the manufacturer to secure your watch.

Why was my card charged more than my order total?

All products on WATCHFANSELL are priced in USD. We only charged you the exact USD amount shown at checkout. Because you are located outside of the US, any difference in the total amount charged is caused by currency conversion/fees from your financial institution. Please contact them for further details.

What’s the status of my order?

Customers will receive a confirmation E-mail to certify that we have confirmed your order. It usually takes 1 to 3 days for processing and then it will be shipped out. After shipping out, customers will receive a shipping confirmation email with tracking number included. To track your order, please go to https://www.17track.net/en

Enter your tracking number and you can track your order.

How do I know if the watch I want to purchase is battery-operated versus mechanical?

The movement type used in the watch is listed in the "Specs" section of every product page. All quartz watches require a battery, automatic watches are powered through hand-winding or wrist movement.

Do you ship internationally to my country?

Yes, we do.

I have not received any confirmation email.

For this matter, please send an Email to info@miyafashion.store

Please specify your invoice ID or the last 4 digits of your credit card and we will check for you.

I want to return or refund!

For return product or refund, please read our Return Policy first.

If you insist, please send an Email to info@miyafashion.store

Please specify your invoice ID or the last 4 digits of your credit card and we will process for you.

How to apply discount?

To use your discount, please first make sure that you have copied all the right alphabets and numbers, with no space. If it still doesn’t work, please contact the Email info@miyafashion.store

My first transactions were declined. Why are there multiple charges showing on my credit card account?

What you are seeing are temporary authorizations from your bank for the declined attempt and your financial institution should correct these within a few days as we have not and can’t process them. Please note that your credit card may be pre-authorized to verify funds are available. A pre-authorization is a temporary hold to verify that funds are available when you place an order. If your transaction is unsuccessful your credit card may be authorized, but that does not mean that it has been charged. It is not necessary to contact customer service to remove a pre-authorization, if you need assistance removing a pre-authorization from your credit card transaction history, please contact your bank or financial institution.

My battery died within 30 days of receiving the watch, what do I do?

Most watch batteries can last over 2 years from when they’re first put into the watch. If the watch stops functioning, this is most likely due to a prematurely dead battery cell which just needs to be replaced. Any qualified local watch repair store, jewelry store, or watchmaker can replace the battery for you. Visit our Contact Us page if your battery has died within the first 30 days.

What do the water resistance ratings mean?

Water Resistance indicates how well a watch is sealed against the ingress of water. It is usually accompanied by an indication of the static test pressure that a sample of newly manufactured watches were exposed to in a leakage test. An indication of the test pressure in terms of water depth does not mean a water resistant watch was designed for repeated long-term use in such water depths. For example, a watch marked 3 ATM/30 meters water resistant cannot be expected to withstand activity for longer time periods in a swimming pool, let alone continue to function at 30 meters under water. This is because the test is conducted only once using static pressure on a sample of newly manufactured watches. The test for qualifying a diving watch for repeated usage in a given depth includes safety margins to take factors into account like aging of the seals, the properties of water and seawater, rapidly changing water pressure and temperature, as well as dynamic mechanical stresses encountered by a watch.
Here are some activities that some brands use to illustrate water resistance.

3 ATM = Not intended for any exposure to water
5 ATM = Splash resistant, suitable for washing hands or light rain
10 ATM = Water Sports, suitable for swimming, surfing, etc.
20 ATM = Scuba Diving, suitable for extreme ocean depths

I entered the wrong shipping address. How do I update this?

Please email us with correct shipping address immediately

What are the duties required for my country?

Potential import taxes might be imposed by your government and we can’t predict any possible duties/taxes that may be required in your country. Duties & taxes are not included in your order total and are the responsibility of the customer.

Does my watch come with a warranty?

Yes, It has a limited warranty that covers manufacturer’s defects for one years after the original purchase date from an authorized dealer. Basically, if the watch parts or mechanics don’t work properly, and it’s our fault, we will repair or replace your product for free. However, this does not cover any abuse you might put your watch through on your own. The warranty does not cover water damage, normal wear, and tear, batteries, accidental glass damage, scratches, strap damage, or theft. Proof of purchase is required for all warranty claims and service requests, so please keep your receipt.

I dropped my watch and the crystal cracked. How can I get my watch fixed?

Unfortunately, manufacturer warranties do not cover the replacement of crystal and parts accidentally damaged or inadequately handled. Please contact the manufacturer for a service center in your area to have your crystal replaced. MIYA has no control over service center pricing/fees. Most local qualified watch repair stores can replace a crystal for a nominal fee.